Texas Land Surveying Services

Land surveying is a first and crucial step before any development progresses or any transaction involving land takes place. It’s essential for understanding the nature of the land in question: everything from its topographic profile to whether there’s any risk of flood. At Hans Consulting Company, PLLC, we seek to provide our clients with a robust understanding of land via comprehensive land surveying capabilities.

Whether you’re getting ready to develop a small plot here in Beach City, TX or need broad-scope surveying for a sprawling infrastructure development somewhere in Southeastern Texas, we’ll send out a land surveyor who’s committed to delivering accurate insights about the land in question.

Surveying Capabilities

No matter your need for land surveying, our experienced, well-qualified team is ready to provide insightful data in the format you need. From topographical surveys to flood plain and elevation surveying, to comprehensive ALTA surveys, we do it all. Some of the many surveying options we offer include:

  • Boundary surveying
  • Topographic surveying
  • Title surveying
  • ALTA surveying
  • Route surveys
  • Elevation certificates
  • Subdivision platting

Expert Testimony

As a land surveying expert, our insights are also available in the form of expert testimony. We’ve appeared as expert witnesses and contributed our knowledge to the official record in situations where there’s uncertainty or disagreement. From litigation to insurance testimony, call on our experts for clarity and accuracy that’s unbiased and trustworthy.

Hire an Expert Land Surveyor

There’s no substitute for clear, unbiased information about a property you’re planning to transact or develop. No matter what type of land survey you need, turn to Hans Consulting Company, PLLC to get it. We serve clients in Beach City, TX and across Southeastern Texas, providing fast and accurate surveying that gives you the insights you need to act accordingly. Contact us today at 281-427-6054 to discuss your surveying needs.